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Seamless payments

Tailored integration

Each payment provider is a bit different. Instead of trying to fit them into one mold, we integrate each using their native API. This way the integration is tailored to take full advantage of the provider’s capabilities.

Secured by your PSP

All payment data is collected directly by the payment service provider. Checkout X does not interact with any credit card or other payment information. This way we ensure the highest possible level of security when it comes to sensitive data.

Additional Features

By using our “tailored” approach we manage to provide specific features to each provider. For example, shipping tracking numbers can be synced automatically with Paypal and Stripe users can enable multiple payment methods like iDeal and Sofort.

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Fraud protection

3D Secure Payments

All Checkout X payment methods comply with PSD2 and support 3D Secure payments at no extra cost. To provide the best combination of ease of use and security, 3D Secure is invoked only when required by the customer’s bank.

Eliminate fraud liability

When customers pay via a 3D Secure Payment, the liability for fraud shifts to the customer’s bank. This means that with 3DS payments, you can finally stop worrying about fraud and focus on growth.

Payment methods

Payment Methods
Credit Card
Klarna Slice it
Klarna Pay Later
Bank Transfer
Cash on Delivery
Apple Pay
Coming Soon
Google Pay
Coming Soon
Payment Providers
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Big kudos to the Checkout X team for their work on integrating with that great variety of payment processors. We were able to set and select local payment methods preferred by our customers. That way, we've decreased our checkout bounce rate with 13%.

Josh P.

Your payments advisor

Checkout X started as a way to use alternative payment providers for merchants who can’t use one of Shopify’s predefined list. Though our checkout has evolved to do much more, we keep advising merchants and finding new payment solutions that will fit their business case. We constantly integrate new payment methods and providers at our expense, without charging providers anything.

We believe that to achieve a frictionless checkout and boosted sales, we need to provide seamless, stable and secure payments. Without a hidden agenda.

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