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Sell more, like magic

Easy Setup

Post-purchase upsells require a minimal effort to get started. Set up your first upsell in less than a minute and increase your sales.

Universal advantage

Post-purchase upsells can be effective in all e-commerce stores, independent of the industry. 3 out of 4 merchants who set up an upsell manage to get extra sales.

Significant results

Post-purchase upsells bring a significant revenue boost. 1 in 2 merchants increases their revenue with over €1000. In total, upsells account for 8% of Checkout X’s transaction volume.

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One-click interaction

Seamless payment

When a customer completes a purchase with Checkout X we securely store their Credit Card on the server of your payment provider. After the customer sees your upsell offer, the customer can tap “Purchase” and the product will be added to their order. Just like that.

Works with all payments

It’s supported by all payment methods without the need for approval from the payment provider. Some payment methods which don’t offer tokenization capabilities will revert to two-step upsells, which also convert great.

Test. Measure. Improve

Monitor performance

Track real-time stats on the performance of your upsell offers and make data-driven improvements. You can track your upsell revenue, show rates, and conversion rates inside the upsell interface.

A/B Testing

Make a head-to-head comparison of your upsells performance and find the best-converting and most-profitable deals for your customers.

Checkout X's one-click, post-purchase upsells is the best app I have used so far. After a week, I saw a 15% increase in my average order value. The design is modern, clean, and fits perfectly in my store. The best part of this feature is that it allows me to perform A/B tests.

Lucca K.

Constant post-purchase innovation

Subscribing to Checkout X, you’re subscribing to a constant innovation stream on increasing the Life Time Value of your customers. Our team of experts is constantly experimenting and building new ways for you to engage with your customers after their initial transaction.

We’re dedicated to building the most complete sales toolkit for additional services and products after purchase.

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