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Checkout X

Fast & Frictionless

Twice as fast

With Checkout X your shoppers can complete a purchase within 25 seconds where the industry AVG is 66 seconds.

30% fewer fields

Simplified UX process that manages to reduce the checkout process to just 12 input fields where the AVG checkout has 17 input fields.

30% less clicks

A combination of IP localization, address auto-fills, and smart pre-selecting reduces the user interactions to 11, where the AVG checkout has 18.

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Made for a mobile world

Mobile-first design

Nowadays more than 85% of purchases are made through a mobile device. All shopper interactions are designed with a "Mobile-first" approach to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Built with your ads in mind

At Checkout X we think of the customer journey from the moment they see your ad. We go the extra mile to ensure your checkout works inside the platform ecosystems like Facebook browser, Snapchat Browser, Gmail, etc.

Optimised by us, signed by you

Adaptable branding

Checkout X analyses the branding on your shop and automatically applies it to the checkout. Take the pre-set branding and tune it until you feel satisfied.

Assue your customers

Add your security badges, your satisfaction ratings and return policy. Checkout X allows you to add custom sections for the most-important details while buying.

Works with your language

Checkout X is currently used in more than 20 languages. Whether you wish to change the wording of something or add a new language, our customizable strings allow you to take full control.

Checkout X increased our monthly revenue by more than 10%. It allowed us to easily connect our existing apps within a few seconds. Our biggest concern was the mobile-oriented checkout since we didn't found a nice one out there. For us, this was a deal-breaker but we wanted proofs. After a month of nonstop sales, we saw that our mobile customer was pleased by Checkout X's checkout, the speed, and the beauty of it.

Rebecca S.

Ongoing conversion rate optimization

Installing Checkout X is like hiring a complete team of conversion specialists to constantly test, measure and take data-driven decisions on converting your visitors into customers.

Our mission is to build the most frictionless checkout in the world. Every day, we’re getting closer!

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